Satellite Meetings

ECCS'10 Satellite Meetings will occur on September 15 and 16, 2010, and will include the following events:

September 15

Emergence, Path dependence and Transitions in Geographical Space
Organisers: Denise Pumain, Arnaud Banos and Lidia Diappi

High Throughput Humanities
Organizers: Maximilian Schich, Sune Lehmann, Riley Crane, and Gourab Ghoshal

Modelling the non-separability of a very complex world
Organizers: Kirsty Kitto, Fabio Boschetti, Peter Bruza

SCNET 2010 - Science of Complex Networks
Organizers: J.F.F. Mendes, G. Caldarelli, S.N. Dorogovtsev, A. V. Goltsev, M. Ostilli, F. Abreu

Young Researchers Session at ECCS'10
Organizers: Andrea Apolloni, António Fonseca, David Rodrigues, Iain Kusel, Larisa Mihoreanu, and Martine J. Barons

COSI-ICT: science of COmplex Systems for socially Intelligent ICT
Organizers: Jeffrey Johnson and the ASSYST team

September 16

Dynamics on and of Complex Networks IV
Organizers: Monojit Choudhury, Niloy Ganguly, Animesh Mukherjee, and Fernando Peruani

EPNACS 2010 - Emergent Properties in Natural and Artificial Complex Systems
Organizers: M.A. Aziz-Alaoui, Cyrille Bertelle, Gérard H.E. Duchamp, and Miguel A.F. Sanjuan

Graphical models for reasoning on biological systems: computational challenges
Organizers: Nathalie Peyrard, Stéphane Robin, Régis Sabbadin, and Matthieu Vignes

Policy making in complex adaptive systems
Organizers: Sylvie Occelli, Yasmin Merali, Ferdinando Semboloni, Jeff Johnson, and Jorge Louçã

SCIVE’10 - Social Complexity of Informal Value Exchange
Organizers: Bruce Edmonds, David Hales, Mario Paolucci, Juliette Rouchier

ILACS - International Latino America Committee of the Complex Systems Society
Organizers: Carla Taramasco, Andrés Véjar, and Jonás Carmona